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Donovan stocks a complete range of sheeting system parts and accessories at our warehouse in Sittingbourne, UK. We stock genuine Donovan parts for most every type of sheeting system in use in the UK, to include:

  • Tipper sheeting systems (electric or pull spring style)
  • Trailer sheeting systems (electric)
  • Push out trailer sheeting systems (electric/hydraulic) (1 lid or 2 lid)
  • Hook sheeting systems (hydraulic or pull spring style)
  • Skip sheeting systems (hydraulic or pull spring style)

Motors, relays, springs, pivot arms, hydraulic cylinders and valves, electrical cable, etc. You need it, chances are we’ve got. Call us today.

Tarp Motor

Part # 2336
24v direct drive motor
3 year warranty
High efficiency / High torque

Relay Control Assembly

Part # 260001: 24 volt
Part # 260004: 12 volt
1 year warranty

Coil Springs

Part # 1037: left
Part # 1039: right
Donovan’s proven 22-coil spring has the proper design and material composition necessary to provide the maximum strength and rotation for UK tippers and trailers.
Eliminates broken spring issues.

Springs Assemblies

# 2785 Underbody Spring Assembly Left, 22-coil
# 2787 Underbody Spring Assembly Right, 22-coil
Pre-assembled; ready to install, Weld or bolt
Replaces competitor springs assemblies!
22-coil spring design proven best for UK tippers!

Pivot Arms (9000 Systems)

# FX638: lower arms (universal)
# M21540L: upper arm (left)
# M21540R: upper arm (right)

Pivot Arms (Hook Sheet Systems)

# 2759: lower arms (universal)
# 2758: upper arm (left)
# 2760: upper arm (right)
Fit most competitor systems as well

Rotary Switch

# 600
Spring loaded momentary on/off
Great for replacements; changeout in seconds
Easy access terminals are offset and labeled for easy hook up.

Tipper body vibrator “The Rattler”

Part # 3062 – 24v
In-cab controls; vibrator mounts under tipper body
Delivers up to 3200 lbs. vibrating force
Alternative to plastic liners and harmful liquid release agents
Use with tippers and trailers up to 40’ long.
No more sticking loads! Keeps driver safely on the ground
Allows load release at lower angle; longer tipping ram life!
Saves valuable time with every load; pull more loads each day!
1 year warranty
18” x 18” x 9” with mounting plate
Made in USA

Single operating manifold unit